Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Schedule of Homeschool Subjects

Just thought I would share what our daily/weekly schedule will look like for first grade. I doubt this will change much over the next few years, but we shall see.

This year I will try having our Bible study time during breakfast, after we have completed our chores. In addition to the Bible study time I hope to start a quiet time with Chloe each morning. As soon as we wake up, she will sit beside me while I have my quiet time with the Lord and she can draw or write in her own journal. The point of this is so she can see me spending time with Jesus and can follow in my footsteps.

After quiet time, we will begin our chores. Once chores are complete we will sit down to breakfast and have our daily Bible study. After that, school will begin. I plan to do half of our subjects, then spend some time in physical activity and then finish up the school day before lunch. After lunch we will work on our handicrafts/home ec type stuff or go on a field trip or playdate.

Fridays will be our weekly subjects followed by a Tea Time with Mommy bible study. Each week we will have tea and do a small bible study. Every 6th week we will have a themed tea with decorations, crafts and everything to sum up our 6 week study. I am excited to see this unfold. First grade is going to be a great year!

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