Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Creative Writing

I love how completely random Chloe is in her creativity. She possesses quite the imagination for a five year old little girl. Granted, I do not have an extensive knowledge of five year old imagination capacities, but I like to think that I do not inhibit her imagination, rather I allow it room to grow.

Here are a couple of stories Chloe wrote during school the past couple of months. Keep in mind that I do not help her at all. She just says what pops into her little noggin and I write it down.

Every morning I drive to my vetrinarian office in a building in the city. I give medicine to animals like goats, rabbits, pigs and cows. People call on the telephone with sick animals. I say, "Come to my building. I will fix them."

One day there comes a king with a sick dragon. He blew fire at me, but it didn't touch me because I ducked my head. He had too much fire. I poured water on the dragon to put the fire out.

That's just how Chloe writes. She starts out quite normal and then BAM! the story changes dramatically into something purely from fairyland. Sometimes her stories only make sense to her, but there is no reasoning. This is how things happen in her world. Take, for instance, her Whale of a Tale.

A whale had a tail but it didn't really have a tail because it couldn't swim. he tried to swim. He tried and tried and tried. Then he got to swim. And then he got caught in a net. And then a swordfish cut the net. The whale said, "Thank you." Then the whale went back home.

We have filled our homeschool journey up with so many things and events that I am dying to write about. I must save it for another post though. Hopefully I can get another one up today. We shall see how fruitful that effort turns out to be.

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LadySnow said...

Love the stories Chloe! You are such a good story teller. :-)