Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roman Dinner

We are reading through the book "Living Long Ago" for history and this week have been learning about the Romans. Yesterday we learned how they cooked, ate and the foods they prepared. Inspiration struck when I saw the picture of the Romans lying on the couches surrounding the table spread with food. Ahhhh...we should have ourselves a Roman Dinner Party!

I quickly ran to the store last night (at 5 pm) and picked up some things to create our roman meal. I didn't have time to actually cook the things myself so I bought the best that Safeway carried. I did, however, find time to sew up some tunics and even a toga for James to wear. (Romans who could afford meat and cheese and vegetables were considered rich...the pour people lived off bread and porridge made from wheat. Seeing that we would have been considered "rich" I felt it appropriate to force ask James to wear a toga.)

Roman meals were served in 3 courses. Here was our first course which consisted of boiled eggs, "salad", bread and wine (grape juice for us).



Our main course consisted primarily of roast chicken, courtesy of Safeway. Now I planned on having fish as well, but I read the 8 minute cooking time for the wrong recipe and my particular recipe needed 30 minutes. Sooo...we just ate chicken.


Now, you must keep in mind that the Romans did not use utensils to eat, unless it was an occasional spoon. So we ate with our fingers as well. We also included a bowl of water to wash our fingers in. Chloe thought this quite exciting and asked if we could have a Roman Dinner Party every night.



For dessert we tasted fruit, nuts and honey cakes. Now the honey cakes we made ourselves. I used a recipe in my Better Baking Cookbook that states its a traditional Jewish recipe for honey cakes. I figured since it was a Jewish recipe, it couldn't be very far off from the Roman version so that is what we ate. I love it. The recipe called for Whiskey and since I didn't have any, I substituted some Brandy I had in my cupboard from a few years ago when I attempted to make Sugarplums. They turned out delicious.

James finally got into the spirit of our party midway and he even complimented me on it while crawling into bed last night. Wow! It was fun and memorable. I hope it helps Chloe remember the Romans. It was fun but I highly doubt we will be eating like that every night. We dropped quite a few pieces of food on my carpet.

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LadySnow said...

I love it! All the food looks so yummy! :-)