Thursday, July 8, 2010

Plotting the Kindergarten Course

We have been on summer break now since the end of May. Woo Hoo. What a blessing this break from school has been. At times I have contemplated schooling year round with breaks scattered in between but, after this past month off, I have reconsidered. I like having an extended time off to gather my thoughts and put the next years plans down on paper. It gives me time to research and plot out our course.

So, I am getting ready to submit our forms to an Umbrella. Our state allows us to be under an umbrella which approves our curriculum and submits all neccessary stuff to the state. I chose this instead of taking our curriculum to a state representative because we can choose the umbrella and therefore can find someone "like-minded" (Christian) who won't give us trouble with our Christ centered curriculum choice. I just didn't want to have that added hassle.

Part of our "application" is our Course of Study Plan. It lists out all the "required" courses and has me list what curriculum I plan to use this year for that subject. I found out that we have some extra curricular subjects that I needed to come up with plans for. So, I spent a day this week planning out our courses. This has gotten me so excited for the next year of school. I even added two courses which are not require by our state but I felt were needed. If I have the Teacher's Guide already made up, whether required or not, I will be more apt to stick with it all year long.

The courses we will be doing (in addition to the regular ones) are Health, Physical Ed, Art, Home EC and Spanish. Home Ec and Spanish are not required but I would like to teach them anyways.

I will have to tell you about our courses in more detail in another post. I am super excited about what I have found and would like to share the information with you when I have time.

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