Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Today was box day! I am so excited I cannot contain it. I wanna jump up and down on the bed. I want to climb the highest mountain and shout it for the world to hear. "Our box of kindergarten curriculum arrived today!"


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! How am I going to maintain self-control and wait another week and three days before beginning our school year? It's going to take every ounce of self-control, will power and strength I possess. It doesn't help that Chloe wants to start too. And do you blame her? Look at these books...


I couldn't hold back though. I read a story to them in spite of myself. (Chloe's friend Jackson came over to spend the day with us and so got to experience a bit of our box day joy.)


It was fun to see another child who loved getting into boxes like Chloe. I could probably fill a whole scrapbook with pictures of Chloe in boxes. She has loved it since she first learned how to climb.

The ENTIRE family got into the unpacking of the boxes.


And then the fun part for me...putting together my IG.


Wow! I really felt like a teacher. I have waited for so many years for this very moment. The moment when I can put together my lesson plans and start keeping real records. Oh, my poor dear sister. I subjected her to many hours of "school" while we were children. I loved "taking roll" with all my dolls and stuffed animals. I relished in forcing my sister to write her name repeatedly in cursive. Chalk boards have always had a certain fascination for me. Now my moment of "real teaching" has come. Its here. And thank goodness I have learned a thing or two about parenting and homeschooling before this day arrived. I will not coerce Chloe to write cursive in the same manner I applied to my sister. Nor will we hold school in a chicken coup classroom. But the excitement of teaching has not changed. I am just as excited about teaching Chloe as I was about teaching my Cabbage Patch doll and Rainbow Brite, if not more. Oh, will August 2 never arrive???

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Luke said...

Happy Box Day!