Friday, January 15, 2010

School Week 15

If I thought I neglected my regular blog, boy oh boy...this one hasn't much hope.

Okay. We are two weeks into school for the new year. Yesterday we finished up week 15 of our 36 week curriculum and next week will be the halfway point of our school year. Woo Hoo! We have had many good times and a couple of not so good times. (neglecting the homeschool blog could classify itself as one of those "not-so-good times)

Let me give you a recap of the previous week of school.

Every morning we read out of a Child's Story Bible (the exact name of this particular story Bible escapes me at the moment). We are reading now about David and Saul. Chloe particularly enjoyed the story of David and his best friend Jonathan. After reading for two days of Saul chasing David and trying to kill him and David having two opportunities to kill Saul and choosing not to, she stated, "these are not good stories. He's a bad man. I don't like him." It gave us a little opportunity to talk about being nice to people instead of treating them bad.

Chloe works willingly in her workbook every day now. This was a struggle for her when we first started school. She did not enjoy it one little bit. Now its getting easier for her to understand the instructions and be able to follow them.

We tried a science experiment this week out of her Bernstein Bear's Big Book of Science but it didn't work as the book portrayed it working. I've got some video of our attempts.

One of my New Year's goals for this semester of school is to take Chloe on more field trips. Well, just to take her on ANY field trip would be a start. Today we are headed to an art museum. I thought I would let Chloe paint when we get home as a follow-up to the trip.

Another new goal of mine for this blog is to update at least every Friday with a recap of our week. Hopefully I can add content during the week too, but every Friday will be my minimum goal.

And now I leave you with a video of Chloe saying her memory verse last week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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