Friday, January 22, 2010

Poky Little Puppy Lapbook Started

I planned to start a new lapbook next Monday but Chloe seemed a little too anxious to begin and begged to start yesterday and so how could I resist? You may recall a few months ago we finished a Corduroy lapbook and since then have started 3 more which never came to completion. I finally realized what our trouble was. I aimed too high. The topics we picked were too large for a four year old to understand and the projects too extensive. I headed back to square one. Easy, quick lapbooks on books Chloe is familar with that we can finish in a week.

She seems quite happy with this book. One thing I am doing since we own the book is read it to her every day when we begin to work on the lapbook. While I read it, she colors the main picture which will be the cover for her book. (They actually have a coloring page of the cover of the book so my meticulous daughter can "match" the colors of the cover.)

We found the Poky Little Puppy lapbook templates on the Homeschool Share website. I love this website. Absolutely love it. A great FREE resource for lapbooking.



First I tried her out cutting the hexagon shapes to put into a little fold book. She totally surprised me with how well she did. At the beginning of the year I handed her the scissors and she couldn't hold them let alone wield them and control them to cut around a shape. We have not worked with them since and today she actually cut on the lines all the way around the hexagon. She came off the line a couple of times but for the most part, her shapes look like hexagons. Amazing! her fine motor skills have improved dramatically simply by her workbooks alone.

The second item I had her work on was to count the number of puppies and flowers on the first page of her book and to write those numbers on the hexagons she cut out. (this template here) Again, I was amazed at how well she did writing the numbers. I've never shown her how to write numbers before. I wrote the number for her and explained it once and she copied me afterward and made them almost perfectly. WOW! This has got me thinking that maybe we should be aiming a little higher in school. I don't know. I don't want to push her, but if she is capable of so much more and ready to learn, would it hurt to get something a little more challenging for her?

Anyways, my goal is for her to complete two items for this lapbook every day and have it finished next Friday. We shall see. I have more things to chat about but I will start a new post for those things.

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