Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Physical Education

Even though James left today for his 6 month deployment, I went ahead and kept school with Chloe. I needed to keep my mind off things for a while and he needed to gather his last minute articles for packing. It worked well.

Yesterday was our first day of school and it only took us about 20-30 minutes to complete the entire thing. James felt that I could have taken more time with it and really explain things better. Today, I did. We spent over an hour for school and we had so much more fun too.

I also decided to add physical education to our school day. Today I took Chloe on a bike ride around the block. (after James left...I needed to get out of the house so I wouldn't cry all night long.) We haven't really given Chloe much opportunity to ride her bike much since we live in a townhome with a tiny backyard. There really isn't much room for physical education type play. The walk/ride around the block was perfect. I might incorporate more bike rides around the block into our routine. She needs the practice too.

Now, I am trying to think of some other things we could do for physical education. Here is my list of ideas so far.

~Roller skating
~Bike Riding
~Walk in the woods (or around the block)
~Kickball (soccer)
~Ballet (she is enrolled this year)
~Swimming (we just joined the local YMCA and will be signing up for swim lessons)
~Jump Roping (she really wants to learn and I haven't taken the time to show her yet)
~Running at the park (she loves to run back and forth...I could even set up an obstacle course for her to run through)

Does anyone have any other ideas for the physical education of a four year old?


LadySnow said...

I think you have plenty of good ideas. Plus you would be surprised what can be considered P.E. :-)

Anna said...

Ya...I thought that might be the case. :) I wondered if swimming in her tiny pool might

Lis said...

Wow, those are great ideas - I wish PE had been that fun in high school. ;-) You could add some "bend and stretch" exercise. I can send you the short list of the "routines" from the year I nannied if you like.

Anna said...

That would be fabulous Lis. Thanks so much. I can use all the ideas I can get.